Detailed Agenda for Oct 2018 – To be announced

In the meantime, to get an idea of what a typical Pitbull Conference consists of find our June 2018 agenda below.

Sunday Evening 7:00-8:30

Pitbull Conference After PartySunday Evening – VIP Cocktail Party hosted by Armanino LLP

A gathering of Pitbull Conference attendees & sponsors, kicking off what will be a great event! Please plan to join us in The Beverly Hilton’s outdoor Wilshire Garden for music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

This is event is for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission guests only. RSVP required.

Monday Morning 8:00-9:00

Meet & Greet Catered BreakfastMonday Morning – Check-In, Meet & Greet Continental Breakfast hosted by DealKeeper

Arrive at 8am to get checked in, find your seat and have a leisurely breakfast.

Catered meals are for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission guests only. RSVP required.


Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull ConferenceLeonard Rosen

CEO Pitbull Conference
Host & Keynote Speaker: Real Estate Funds & Syndication
Mr. Rosen will guide you through all aspects of starting your own Real Estate Fund and Syndication Project—how these models function and what exciting opportunities they can provide you. He will also discuss in frank terms, who may or may not be a viable candidate for these models, as well as how to best position yourself to raise capital.


Jon HornikJonathan Hornik

Attorney, LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Blaha
One-On-One with Leonard Rosen: Fund Creation from a Legal Prospective

10:55am - 11:20am

Jeff Tesch, Managing Director, RCN CapitalJeff Tesch

Managing Director, RCN Capital
Featured Speaker: Achieving Success as a Fix & Flip Lender

Jeffrey Tesch will guide you through the process of becoming a successful private lender in the fix & flip space. He will cover every aspect of of how to get your lending business up and running including how to develop loan programs that suit your clients, what to look for when qualifying deals and how to establish closing procedures. With home flipping in the U.S. at a 10-year high this presentation couldn’t be more timely.




Jeff Levin, Specialty Lending GroupJeffrey Levin

Founder & President, Specialty Lending Group
One-On-One Speaker: 2018 Market Trends in Private Lending

Ten years after the Great Recession, what is the state of private lending? Where is the industry heading through 2018 and beyond? How might new regulations affect lenders and investors? Sit in as Jeffrey Levin shares his expert commentary on these matters as well why he believes private lenders are poised to garner an even greater market share in the coming years.


Jason Harris, PeerStreetJason Harris

Director of Strategic Sales, PeerStreet
One-On-One Interview: Secondary Market Alternatives

Jason Harris, Director of Strategic Sales for PeerStreet will discuss what alternatives are available to private money lenders in today’s financial environment. Mr. Harris will discuss how an originator can present themselves in the best possible light, what a prospective capital partner is looking for in a counter-party and how the on-boarding process works.


Ron Fountain, Urban MutualRon Fountain

Urban Mutual
One-On-One Speaker: Equity Gap Funding in the Fix & Flip Market

Join us as Mr. Fountain discusses how hard money lenders can significantly increase their business by taking advantage of equity gap funding and 100% LTC financing.


John Beacham, Toorak Capital PartnersJohn Beacham

Chief Executive Officer, Toorak Capital Partners
Featured Speaker: Understanding Credit in the Residential Bridge Loan Market

Mr Beacham will describe the key drivers of credit performance in the Residential Bridge Loan market and will provide guidance as to what steps lenders can take to avoid common pitfalls.


Private Lending Forum 1 with Q&A

Jon Hornik

Jon Hornik

Larocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Blaha

Eric Abramovich

Eric Abramovich

Roc Capital

Jeff Tesch, Managing Director, RCN Capital

Jeff Tesch

Managing Director, RCN Capital

Gary Bechtel, Money360

Gary Bechtel


Ben Donel

Ben Donel

Sunset Equity Funding

John Tedesco, Appraisal Nation

John Tedesco

Appraisal Nation

Gene Clark, 5 Arch

Gene Clark

5 Arch Funding

Steven Prescott

Steven de Barón Prescott

Kingsbarn Real Estate Capital


LunchCatered Lunch hosted by Sunset Equity Funding

Join us for a delicious lunch catered by The Beverly Hilton. Enjoy a Mediterranean themed lunch, cold drinks and dessert.

Catered meals are for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission guests only. RSVP required.


Jon HornikJonathan Hornik

Attorney, LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Blaha
Keynote Speaker: Private Lending

Do not miss this presentation by one of the Private Lending industry’s most renown legal authorities. Mr. Hornik will share his sage advice for anyone involved in originating, borrowing or lending private money. Learn from the best how to evaluate prospective loans, identify the “less than honest” borrower and how to create a business model that is profitable, sustainable and legally compliant.

Mr. Hornik will also address the new rules and regulations coming into effect this year:

  • ​New Licensing requirements all across the country (including pending legislation in Florida)
  • New tax laws affecting Fund Structure
  • Market changes in legal documents and closing procedures
  • HMDA and New Reg C applicable to the fix & flip space
  • Recent frauds and scams to be on the lookout for

open barBreak & Open Bar

You won’t want to go anywhere as the fun is just beginning. Relax and enjoy the remaining presentations with a cocktail in hand.

The Open Bar is for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission attendees only.


AJ Poulin, The Mortgage OfficeA.J. Poulin

Vice President of Sales, The Mortgage Office
Featured Speaker: Raising Capital via Loan Servicing

A.J. Poulin will enlighten you on one of the most fundamental yet overlooked aspects of private lending – how to raise capital by servicing loans. Find out what the most successful lenders do to grow their portfolios and raise capital. Plus you’ll see what high tech lenders offer their clients. This brief and entertaining session will leave you with many “ah ha!” moments and a few laughs as well.


Ben HoskinsLoral LangemeierBen Hoskins & Loral Langemeier

One-On-One Speaker: Real Estate Acquisition for the Cannabis Industry

Leonard Rosen will interview Ben Hoskins and Loral Langemeier to discuss the opportunities now legally available to invest in cannabis focused real estate assets—an intriguing proposition for even the most conservative investor.

5:00 - 5:50

Service Providers & Alternative Investment Opportunity Forum with Q&A

Jon Hornik

Jon Hornik

Larocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Blaha

AJ Poulin, The Mortgage Office

AJ Poulin

The Mortgage Office

Jeff Spiegel, Spiegel Accountancy

Jeff Spiegel

Spiegel Accountancy Corp.

Claire Hiller, Borro

Claire Hiller


Sam Kaddah, Liquid Logics

Sam Kaddah

Liquid Logics

Yanir Ram, DealKeeper

Yanir Ram


Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani

Private Investment Club


Pitbull Conference After PartyAfter Party hosted by PeerStreet

Close out the day with one last opportunity to meet and network with new contacts. Relax and enjoy a beautiful Southern California evening with music, cocktails & light hors d’oeuvres. To be held outdoors in the Wilshire Garden.

This event is for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission guests only. RSVP required.

Tiered admission pricing available.

Find one that suits you best.

Sunday - Monday Event Overview

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