Detailed Agenda – July/August 2022

To be announced.

In the meantime, to give you an idea of how a typical event is formatted, here is the agenda from our most recent event.


Saturday, March 26 - Golf Tournament

Miami Beach Golf Club
1:30 pm Tee Time

Tournament entry must be purchased separately. Click here to register.

Post Tournament Party and Awards will begin immediately following tournament in the club house.

SUNDAY late afternoon

Sunday, March 27 - Early Check-In for VIP Cocktail Party

Ritz-Carlton Ballroom Foyer
4 pm – 6 pm

If you are a Sponsor, VIP, Premier or General Admission Guest, and are attending the evening’s cocktail party, please take advantage of our early check-in.

Avoid lines and expedite entry into the cocktail party.

Please bring your ID and proof of registration.

SUNDAY evening

Sunday Evening - VIP Cocktail Party Hosted by LendingWise

Pitbull Conference After PartyA gathering of Pitbull Conference Sponsors & Guests, kicking off what will be a great event!

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Ritz-Carlton, North Pool

This event is for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission Guests only.

MONDAY morning

Monday, March 28 - Check-In & Breakfast

Meet & Greet Catered Breakfast 

Ritz-Carlton Ballroom Foyer

Arrive at 8 am to get checked in, find your seat and have a leisurely breakfast.

Breakfast will end promptly at 9 am.

Catered meals are for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission Guests only.

MONDAY morning session begins

Morning Session Begins - 9 am

Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull ConferenceLeonard Rosen

CEO Pitbull Conference & Executive Director of the National Private Lenders Association (NPLA)
Host & Keynote Speaker

Mr. Rosen will share his wisdom and vast experience in private lending to discuss in frank terms, how to evolve your lending business.

Capital Providers Panel

Join us as executives from the country’s top capital providing firms discuss lines of credit and table funding for construction, rehab, multifamily, and commercial assets.

Jon Hornik

Attorney, Private Lender Law

John Beacham

CEO, Toorak Capital Partners

Eric Abramovich

Co-Founder & Chief Credit Officer, Roc Capital

Robert Talas

Co-Founder & Principal, Flatiron Realty Capital

Jeff Tesch, RCN Capital

Jeff Tesch

CEO, RCN Capital

Sarper Beyazyurek

Managing Director, Churchill

David Christensen

Regional Director – West, Red Oak Financial

Women of Influence

We are pleased to recognize our colleagues who have helped build and evolve the Private Lending space — making it the financial powerhouse it is today.

Join us as top women executives from Private Lending’s finest companies share their experience and vision for the industry’s future.

Jennifer McGuinness

President, Invigorate Finance

Susan Andress

Co-Business Development Director, Residential Capital Partners

Elizabeth Morales

Chief Marketing Officer, Applied Business Software/The Mortgage Office

Kira Granovskaya

Director, Head of Transaction Management, Citigroup

Christine Xu

President & Principal Broker, Moneybroker Canada / Ready Capital MIT

Bette Gandelman

Chief Operating Officer, RAI Group

Private Lenders Panel: Fix-n-Flip, Multi-Family, & Ground Up Construction

Lenders discuss changes seen in the market, including new opportunities that have emerged since the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about their new sweet-spots, risk tolerance, and available products.

Toby Potter, Global Integrity Finance

Toby Potter

President, Global Integrity Finance

Rich Katz

Principal, Rodeo Lending

Rob Pajon,

Martin Bedecarratz

Chief Credit Officer, A&S Capital

Matthew Fernandes

Vice President, Finance of America Commercial

Chip Cummings, Northwind Financial

Chip Cummings

President, Northwind Financial

Max Slyusarchuk

CEO, A&D Mortgage

Keith Lind

Executive Chairman & President, Acra Lending

Mark Woodbridge

National Director of Wholesale, Builders Capital

LUNCH break

Lunch Hosted by Acra Lending

Join us for a delicious catered lunch.

1:00 pm – 2:15 pm

Catered meals are for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission Guests only.

AFTERNOON Session Begins

Afternoon Session Begins - 2 pm

Jonathan Hornik

Attorney, Private Lender Law
Keynote Speaker

Private Lending

Do not miss this presentation by one of our industry’s most renowned legal authorities. Mr. Hornik will share his sage advice for anyone involved in originating, borrowing, or lending private money.

Mr. Hornik will also address newly passed legislation relating to:

  • Disclosures
  • Eviction Moratoriums
  • Licensing

Building Your Technology Infrastructure

The National Private Lenders Association is pleased to present this unique panel of technology-based service providers. Learn from this select group of experts how technology can aid your business’s efficiency, growth, and profitability.

Jeff Tennyson

President & CEO, Lima One Capital

Mark Walser

Mark Walser

President, Incenter

Steve Butler

CEO, GoDocs

Jake Harris, Flip Factory App

Jake Harris

Co-Founder & CEO, BuildWallet

Brian Mingham

Founder & CEO, CFSI

Sam Kaddah

President & CEO, Liquid Logics

Jerry Jones

President & Founder, WTG (Western Technologies Group)

The Three C's: Capacity, Credit, Collateral

Good underwriting is key to any successful private lending venture. However, even the most experienced lenders need to be reminded of the “Three C’s” and how a to prepare for the expected corrections in the market.

Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull Conference

Leonard Rosen

Executive Director, NPLA

Jonathan Lewis

CEO, JLJ Capital

Michael Tedesco

CEO, Appraisal Nation

Ken Quiat, Direct Lenders' Insurance Services

Ken Quiat

President & Managing Director, Direct Lender’s Insurance Services

Official After Party Hosted by Axylyum Charter

Pitbull Conference After Party
Close out the day with one last opportunity to meet and network with new contacts. Relax and enjoy a beautiful evening outside.

Ritz-Carlton, Grand Lawn
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

This event is for registered Sponsors, VIP, Premier & General Admission Guests only.

Tiered admission pricing available.

Find one that suits you best.

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