March 2018 Agenda to be announced.

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Detailed Agenda for Monday Oct 23

These are approximate times and are subject to change.
15 minute breaks will be taken intermittently throughout the day.


Meet & Greet Catered Breakfast

Check-In / Meet & Greet Catered Breakfast

Arrive at 7am to get checked in, find your seat and have a leisurely breakfast.


Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull ConferenceLeonard Rosen

CEO Pitbull Conference
Host & Keynote Speaker: Real Estate Funds & Syndication

Mr. Rosen will guide you through all aspects of starting your own Real Estate Fund and Syndication Project—how these models function and what exciting opportunities they can provide you. He will also discuss in frank terms, who may or may not be a viable candidate for these models, as well as how to best position yourself to raise capital.


Jon Hornik, Navesink River CapitalJonathan Hornik

Attorney, LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Blaha
One-On-One with Leonard Rosen: Fund Creation from a Legal Prospective

10:05am - 10:30am

Jeff Tesch, Managing Director, RCN CapitalJeff Tesch

Managing Director, RCN Capital
Featured Speaker: Succeeding as a Private Lender in the Fix & Flip Space

With home flipping in the U.S. at a 10-year high, there has never been a better time to originate private, commercial transactions in the fix & flip space. Mr. Tesch will take you through the initial process of getting your private lending company up and running while providing helpful tips along the way to ensure you are set-up for success in this lucrative niche.


Sunil TulsianiSunil Tulsiani

Founder & CEO, Private Investment Club
Featured Speaker: Raising Capital & Finding Joint Venture Partners

Come prepared to take notes, as Sunil Tulsiani, former Police Detective turned successful Real Estate Investor & Public Speaker, maps out his strategy for raising capital. Mr. Tulsiani will share with us the key components to his own success: credibility, authority, accessibility. Case in point, Mr. Tulsiani raised enough capital himself to purchase 77 properties in one year.




AJ Poulin, The Mortgage OfficeA.J. Poulin

Vice President of Sales, The Mortgage Office
Featured Speaker: Tipping the Scales to Your Advantage with Loan Servicing Software

Private lending has been around for thousands of years, so what are the most successful private lenders doing today with technology?  Charismatic and entertaining speaker A.J. Poulin puts private lending in perspective, and will show you how technology can help you exponentially grow your business.  From attracting and retaining investors, to online payments and client text alerts, to running your business in the cloud, A.J. will show you how to separate your lending shop from the pack.


Marc Heenen, PeerStreetMarc Heenen

Head of Originations, PeerStreet
One-On-One Speaker: Secondary Market Alternatives

Marc Heenan, Head of Originations for PeerStreet will discuss what alternatives are available to private money lenders in today’s financial environment. Mr. Heenan will discuss how an originator can present themselves in the best possible light, what a prospective capital partner is looking for in a counter-party and how the on-boarding process works.

12:00 - 12:10

Chaz Guinn, Granite Strategic InvestmentsChaz Guinn

Managing Director, Granite Strategic Investments
One-On-One Speaker: Opportunities In 1st Lien Non-Performing Mortgages

Learn to take advantage of an industry where thousands of private investors and lenders are learning to purchase Non-Performing Mortgage Notes, secured by single family homes, all throughout the United States. Chaz Guinn, Managing Director of Granite Strategic Investments, will walk you through the opportunity of purchasing single family homes for up to 40-60% off their fair market value. Believe it or not, the cleanup from the last housing crises is still taking place, and there remains billions of mortgage notes still available for sale at steep discounts. Chaz will also provide ways for you to gain free education, live training, and help you initiate your business within 30 days.


Nicole Andrews, National Property & Appraisal ServicesNicole Andrews

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer West Coast Region, Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services
One-On-One Speaker: Property Valuations

The formulation of any well structured real estate transaction begins with the appraisal. However, more often than not, whether you are a borrower, realtor, buyer, or seller—the appraisal process can be baffling. Ms. Andrews will demystify the entire process from inspection to upload and explain how property valuation in a private money transaction may be calculated differently.


Private Lending Forum with Q&A

Jon Hornik, Navesink River Capital

Jon Hornik

Larocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Blaha

Eric Abramovich

Eric Abramovich

Roc Capital

Ben Lyons, Lynk Capital

Ben Lyons

Lynk Capital

Whit McCarthy, CIVIC Financial Services

Whit McCarthy

CIVIC Financial Services

Jeff Tesch, Managing Director, RCN Capital

Jeff Tesch

Managing Director, RCN Capital

Steven Kaufman, The January Fund

Steven Kaufman

The January Fund


LunchCatered Lunch

Join us for a delicious lunch catered by The Ritz Carlton. Enjoy a generous spread of fruits, salads, deli meats & cheeses, cold drinks and dessert.


Chris Richter, AudanticChris Ritcher

Co-Founder, Audantic
One-On-One Speaker: Using Big Data to Spy, Compete & Win

The fix and flip lending space is increasingly crowded and competitive. Chris Richter, Co-Founder of Audantic, will discuss how you can leverage big data to grow your business with hyper targeted marketing campaigns. Mr. Richter will also share the three key data points that define every market and discuss how utilizing basic business intelligence tools (“spying”) can dramatically increase returns and reduce risk.


Loral Langemeier, LiveOutLoudLoral Langemeier

CEO & Founder, Live Out Loud
One-On-One Speaker: Off Wall Street Assets: Save on Taxes & Increase Your Returns

Loral and her Millionaire Maker team specialize in teaching you high-level strategies on how to diversify your asset allocations while massively increasing returns. Loral will open your eyes to the wealth of investment opportunities off of Wall Street, including the “new kids” on the alternative investment block: cannabis and Bitcoin. Using her proven Millionaire Matrix system, she’ll teach you how to maximize and diversify your portfolio, keep more of your income by reducing your tax burden, and do it all with a team.


Jon Hornik, Navesink River CapitalJonathan Hornik

Attorney, LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Blaha
Keynote Speaker: Private Lending

Do not miss this presentation by one of the Private Lending industry’s most renown legal authorities. Mr. Hornik will share his sage advice for anyone involved in originating, borrowing or lending private money. Learn from the best how to evaluate prospective loans, identify the “less than honest” borrower and how to create a business model that is profitable, sustainable and legally compliant.


Networking Event

Networking Event

Attention Sponsors & Attendees:
Connect with everyone in the room with a quick tutorial and fun networking exercise using our custom networking app. Collecting the contact info of hundreds of peers, lenders, potential customers or venture capital partners could not be any easier!


open barBreak & Open Bar

You won’t want to go anywhere as the fun is just beginning. Relax and enjoy the remaining presentations with a cocktail in hand.


Alec McNair, Lima One CapitalAlec McNair

Director of Lender Finance, Lima One Capital
Featured Speaker: Fueling the Private Lender’s Profitable Growth

Mr. McNair’s presentation will  focus on the pros and cons of various sources of financing for private lenders and what is needed for sustainable profitable growth.


Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull ConferenceLeonard Rosen

CEO Pitbull Conference
Host & Featured Speaker: Marketing

Sit in as Mr. Rosen discusses what should be your company’s single most important marketing asset, powerful email marketing strategies and how to optimize your online presence.


Alternative Investment Opportunities Forum with Q&A

AJ Poulin, The Mortgage Office

A.J. Poulin

The Mortgage Office

Jean Meyer, Mainstar Trust

Jean Meyers

Mainstar Trust

Loral Langemeier, LiveOutLoud

Loral Langemeier

Live Out Loud

Barry Brewer, CCM Capital Partners

Barry Brewer

CCM Capital Partners, LLC

Eddie Wilson, Think Realty

Eddie Wilson

Think Realty


open barCocktails & Light Hors d’oeuvres

Close out the day with one last opportunity to meet and network with new contacts.

Tiered admission pricing available.

Find one that suits you best.

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