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Anyone thinking of staying in the Mortgage Business CANNOT AFFORD to miss Pitbull’s Hard Money Conference or DVD series. Leonard Rosen has a unique insight into this often misunderstood side of the mortgage business that can make you a fortune.

Christopher J. Crippen

Now receive all the information presented at our live event online.

Most recent recording of a Pitbull Conference event (June 2016) only $595

Insightful presentations by 12+ industry experts.

Topics of discussion are on-point and invaluable to any hard money professional.
Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull Conference

  • Market Analysis & Commentary
  • Mortgage Pools & Real Estate Funds
  • Opportunities & Benefits
  • Players
  • How Revenue is Generated


Jon Hornik, Attorney – Navesink River Capital

  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate & Mortgage Pool Products
  • Raising Capital & Managing Deal Flow


AJ Poulin, The Mortgage Office

  • Software to Help Manage a Fund, Loan Servicing & Servicing Your Investors


Jeff Tesch, RCN

  • Opportunities in the Rehab Market


One-On-One with AJ Poulin & John Tedesco, Appraisal Nation

  • Understanding Valuation


One-On-One with AJ Poulin & Joe Ford, Ford Investment Properties

  • Five Key Elements of Raising Money


Leonard Rosen, CEO Pitbull Conference

  • Creating a Digital Shadow
  • Email
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Database


Joel Block, Bullseye Capital

  • Crowd Funding


David Owen, A List Partners

  • Raising Capital from Foreign Investors


One-On-One with Leonard Rosen & Wendy Sweet, Carolina Hard Money

  • Top Five Mistakes Made by Lenders


One-On-One with Leonard Rosen & Ross Hamilton, Connected Investors

  • Finding Credible Borrowers


One-On-One with Leonard Rosen & Yoram Baltinester, Decisive Action Workshops

  • The Art & Science of Closing More Deals


Round Table Discussion Q & A – Expert Panel

  • “Tips from the Trenches” and “Bring Your Deal”

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